Best Way to Sell Used Items in Pakistan

With the advent of online marketplaces, selling and buying modes have completely changed. It all started from virtual portals like craiglists and other lists in Western world and then spread like wildfire all across the globe.

Many sites and portals have sprung up over the years to tap into this lucrative market offering people to list their used items online or enabling them to either directly buy or bid for the items. This structure has worked well for the last few years but now there are other players in the market which are proving far more effective and easy.

I believe that integrating online marketplaces with social media platform is the best way to sell used items in Pakistan or elsewhere for that matter. You already have an online presence on your social media account, you already have a network or you are part of local groups and all you need to do is to post few photos and name your price.

Buying and selling is mainly local. Even in digital world, this is the norm. You mostly trade your items locally, on average within 5km radius of your home. So these marketplace groups work like a charm. You also can check the profile to make sure that there is no harm out there as you never know who is on the other side of the social media.

Now these social media giants are also introducing their own online currencies and digital wallets to capture the financial and banking side of things. There already is a huge hue and cry from the banks. I am not sure how that would pan out in third world countries where cash is still the king. But in post corona world, cash will be replaced soon with contact-less currency and Pakistan would have to adapt to that.

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