Expensive Coronavirus Testing in Pakistan

So you have to pay Rs. 8000 just to get the initial testing kid for COVID-19? Expensive Coronavirus testing in Pakistan is sucking the life out of poor people who cannot simply afford such amount.

In a country where daily wage is less than $50 on average, this amount is huge. Just imagine how many people are dying all around us just because they cannot afford this testing. People are also ignoring this testing due to the price and becoming the carrier of it.

People are also confused about coronavirus testing centers in their areas. Location of coronavirus testing centers in Karachi is still a mystery and so is in big cities like Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Quetta. You can very well imagine the poor plight of small cities and villages.

If you go to the public hospitals, they would simply give you a waiting list number and mostly ask you to come back in few days time. The cost, hassle, and this waiting time is making people turn their backs on this very serious situation. I personally know couple of people who are experiencing mild fever, flue, and headaches for few days but they are adamant to not to for testing as its such a hassle.

I was talking to a friend in Wah Cantt and she casually mentioned that her mother was sick due to fever and they didn’t think it was Coronavirus as she was never abroad. Such is the level of ignorance and casual attitude out there.

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