Side Hustle in Pakistan

Making ends meet has always been an issue in Pakistan no matter what the going is. For poor, lower middle class, and even middle class its hard to maintain whatever meager lifestyle they have. Not only they struggle to support their families, there is no chance of getting out of the rut of life’s financial woes.

In most of Pakistani households, the norm is to have a single salary and the whole primary and extended family depends on it. With huge families, elderly parents, dependent siblings, it becomes a nightmare for primary and often solo bread-winner. He or she has to forget about their future and only focus on survival.

That is why it is extremely important for every adult in Pakistan to have a side gig to support their families or at least support themselves or at the very least contribute something to lessen the burden of primary income earner. There could be various options for a side hustle in Pakistan:

Selling products or services online could be one great option. Everyone has spare or extra things. So no matter how insignificant, if its usable, rest assured there will be a buyer out there. You can also go ahead and start buying it low and selling it high. That could earn you some profit income on top of what you sell. There is no concept of garage sales in Pakistan but there are flea markets all over the place and you can definitely grab some bargains out there.

Offering tutoring to kids, teaching in evening colleges, sewing the clothes, and online marketing work are some of other options which one can look into and learn about them according to the aptitude. The main thing is to take the first step and then staying the course.

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