2020 of Load-shedding in Pakistan

When I started writing for this blog, way back in 2008 the hottest topic was load-shedding. We have short memories and even shorter tempers so I am not sure if anyone still remembers those sweltering days of June and July when there used to be no power during the day or night.

Things changed during PMLN’s tenure and people got a relief but even that wasn’t enough to save Nawaz Sharif’s fate but that’s another story for another time. All those power plants are now churning out electricity in ample quantity and load-shedding has become a thing of past. There are still outages, dont get me wrong, but not as high as they used to be.

This government is lucky to have received a better power situation and hence they are least worried about energy security of Pakistan. No one is bothered about the causes of the “high cost of electricity” and circular debt as they can print more money and enjoy while it lasts.

It becomes necessary to take a holistic view of the sector to make an informed opinion about its troubles and the potential way forward. But this government is ignorant of any frameworks regarding power and they appears less interested in reinforcing the existing regulatory frameworks.

So I won’t be surprised if we start seeing recurrence of load-shedding in 2020 across Pakistan. With corona raging all around, this is the last thing we need.

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