Gori Girls Accepting Islam on Twitter

Accepted Islam, I am Muslim Now. I saw that on my Twitter time line retweeted by someone. Opened that profile and it was a white blonde blue eyed hot gori girl declaring that she was Muslim and her profile was followed and bombarded by praises and other comments.

It seemed bit off and something didn’t match, but I didn’t pay much attention. Then yesterday and today I have seen at least 5 or 6 gori girls tweeting about the same and it smells fishy. A quick look at those profiles would tell you that there is something wrong there. All profiles joined Twitter in April-June time, and there is nothing you can find about their past life looking at their timelines.

Few examples are as follows:

and here is another example of gori girl:

and there are various more. Is this another fad by PTI social media team which sometimes becomes Dr. AQ Khan or sometimes Rani Mukherjee or sometimes some other celebrity?

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