HEC Online Exam Semester Promotion and Improvers Information

Considering the rising trend of covid infections, Federal Ministry of Education has advised provinces and AJK/GB govts not to allow any exemption from NCC decision to cancel exams, except online, till July 15. All occasions that entail gathering of students are to be avoided. There is lots of confusion out there regarding HEC Online Exam Semester Promotion and Improvers Information.

And they also need to consider grievances of Engineering Technologists BTech hons/BS Tech graduates. It is also very concerning and people are asking that why Issues of online classes and Exams is being ignored. Social media is flooded with issues of such classes and Exams HEC. There are other problems too. I was talking to a student who was asking that how is it possible to give online thesis? How we can deliver our thesis online? Our thesis is related to make short films as we are students of Multimedia ( Filmmaking). How we can make films at home?

Some are totally against the HEC online exams. In online exams all students will fail. Please don’t allow them online exams. They are asking government to promote B. A BSc and universities students withotu any exam. Semester promotion has become a slogan for all students federation of Pakistan. Also what about those students of village who don’t have internet and laptop for online exams. Conduction of online exams is basic human rights violation of ex-FATA, Baluchistan, inner-Sindh, GB, AJK and rural Punjab students who don’t have active internet access.

Improvers are specifically worried as they are hanging in mid air , unsure about their future. We ask HEC, Ministry of Education and Universities to facilitate students having no or poor Internet in best possible way.

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