Lockdown Pakistan Now

The opinion of Pakistani doctors on Covid19 proved to be correct word for word and government proved wrong.The WHO report is nothing less than a charge sheet against the govt. Lockdown and that too the real lockdown (Not nominal just like the prevous one) is the only way out.

I cannot fathom the lethargy of this useless government which is looking at each other was what to do next. Every hour, dozens of people are dying in Pakistan by the hands of Corona pandemic and we don’t see any action from this regime.

Unfortunately doctors are blamed of doing politics on the issue at that time . Pakistan is ranked fourth dangerous country is Asia by a study group of Hong Kong, but Selected says situation is under control. Pakistan is literally become a pariah as everyone knows we are epicenter of corona now. We are sort of like in death circle.

Lockdown Pakistan Now is the hashtag of social media as people are crying out to be saved. Already there is no business, nothing is going on and yet this government is clueless about next step. No foreign trade is happening, economy is frozen and there is no hope of its resurrection anytime soon.

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