Shahbaz Sharif Gets Coronavirus

PMLN sources have confirmed that PMLN president and opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif is the latest victim of Coronavirus. He is in self-isolation now and under the supervision of doctors from Sharif Medical Complex in Lahore.

Shahhaz Sharif was worried about his health for sometime as he is a cancer survivor and was reluctant to go to NAB office and was asking them to investigate him virtually but they didnt listen to him. If Shahbaz Sharif dies from corona , this will come back to haunt NAB and FIA big time even if they are not at fault in the hindsight.

But we must hope for the best and pray that Shahbaz Sharif gets recovered as soon as possible. He has done a lot and no one can deny what he has done for Punjab and especially for Lahore. He has changed the face of this city forever. His services in infrastructure, health, development and education are undeniable.

One hopes that he gets well soon and will be among us as quickly as possible.

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