Cynthia Ritchie vs Begum Nawazish Ali

The match is on. Begum Nawazish Ali a.k.a Ali Saleem the actor, the artist has come out with all guns blazing against Cynthia Ritchie, the US blogger who is in Pakistan for a long time and involved in politics and social sectors and has become quite a sensation.

Begum Nawazish Ali is settled in USA these days. He has been a vocal supporter of Benazir Bhutto and PPP for a long time. Since Cynthia Ritchie has accused PPP leaders of abusing her, Begum Nawazish Ali has also criticized her openly in media. His accusations against her are also eye opener.

It’s a common knowledge that Cynthia Ritchie is close friend of everyone in power corridors and the Imran Khan has a thing for such butterflies. Begum Nawazish Ali has confirmed the report that Cynthia said to him that Imran Khan is tharki and had an eye on her but she didnt like him after what he had done with Jemima.

Its an interesting story how Begum Nawazish Ali started to know Cynthia. Cynthia was friend of Omer Saleem, brother of Begum Nawazish Ali. One day Omer Saleem arranged a BBQ and invited both of them in Bani Gala, the residence of Imran Khan in 2015. Begum Nawazish Ali arranged drinks for her as she was very fond of drinks. Cynthia was supposedly making a documentary on Pakistan, said that she was trying to portray a soft image of country. Cynthia asked Begum Nawazish Ali to help her in making that film and then they started working together.

Cynthia then visited US to do promo of her documentary. They used to meet often in DC, in US. Begum Nawazish Ali was very surprised to see Cynthia mingling with Ahmedi people in DC, though he was very liberal but that was very strikingly unique and that rose his suspicion that her agenda was something different. Cynthia was residing in Ahmediyya mosque in DC, where there community center was.

They soon started getting agitated with each other as Cynthia was trying to get on Ali’s show while Ali was skeptical about her intentions and then this tug of war intensified as it got personal and now they all are out pulling each other and washing their dirty laundry in pubic.

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