Cynthia’s Visa

C for Corona and C for Cynthia. Out of these two Cs, Pakistanis are more obsessed with white skin of Cynthia. Four people are dying of Corona every hour but people are discussing who took advantage of Cynthia. Cynthia’s Visa is another mystery which has popped up.

Azaz Syed, the Jang journalist has released some screen shots of Cynthia’s Visa which was expired and yet she was staying in Pakistan. According to him she has fallen out of favor of her handlers now as she was unable to convince the masses of her being victim. May be she was trying to make too many people happy at the same time.

In this game jealousy is the burden. You cannot have it from both ends. You cannot keep both establishment and civilian rulers happy. You have to select one. You cannot be a puppet and master at the same time. She thought that she should have it all the way down and up but it seems that now she has ruffled some feathers which were not meant to be.

Cynthia’s visa expired on 2nd March and flights from Pakistan were suspended from 17th March, so she remained in country for 2 weeks illegally as an alien. So this excuse of Corona flight suspension is null and void. Who is releasing her passport and visa copies? If you can pinpoint that person, you will understand the whole game.

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