Ayesha Sana Fraud

Renowned actress, TV host, and model Ayesha Sana who rose to notoriety when her angry clip got leaked where she was yelling ‘Bright Karo’ at the light man in the studio. Now she is in the media again as a person lodges FIR against her for millions of rupees. Ayesha Sana fraud story is making circles in social media too.

It is being alleged that Ayesha Sana has milked several million rupees from different people by making different excuses and now her cheques are getting dishonored and she is also unreachable. Social media is saying that the figure could be much higher as more and more people are coming forward with their claims about Ayesha Sana fraud stories.

Nothing is proven yet and we were unable to get Ayesha Sana’s version as she was unavailable and the matter is with the police. This lady’s arrogance and anger is legendary and her contacts with the high-ups especially within PTV are known to everyone. When she arrived in media she was very innocuous and sweet, but then may be fame and greed got the better of her and look where she is now.

Her career is already over as she has aged a lot and with that Bright Karo clip, her reputation also got various dents. She, it seems, also fell out of favor of her patrons up the chain and now trying to live off such things, it appears. There is lesson for everyone in this that greed leaves you helpless and hapless at the end.

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