No Raise in Salaries for Poor But PTI Ministers Get Perks

The proposed budget for fiscal year 2020-2021 has been a shock for the Pakistani people who are already down and trodden due to Coronavirus pandemic. Massive job losses, businesses shutdown, rampant rising poverty and financial meltdown are to be seen in every sector of life.

People were expecting some relief from the government before and in the budget. They received none. While the selected is living in posh style in Bani Gala palace and PM house, his ministers have received brand new Lexus protocol vehicles plus various new gadgets like new iphones, ipads, and iwatches for the whole family. They have also received corona stipend of Rs. 10K.

World over, governments are giving job relief package in the aftermath of Corona. Governments even in the developing countries are cutting their own expenditures and providing people some welfare money. This inept and callous government of PTI is totally insensitive to whats required as they have left people on the mercy of time.

This is what happens when you select hand picked opportunists and make them rulers of country. This is what happens when you degrade and throw out a genuine political government. This is what happens when people don’t come out on streets against injustice. This is what happens when things go rough.

TV channels are silent, newspapers are silent, journalists are afraid to name the name; everyone is compromised and scared. Perhaps we deserve this.

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