Student Portal 2020 student portal student portal is a commendable initiative from Multan Garrison Education System. The student portal ‘s primary aim is to provide exemplary educational programs of international standards that inspire and prepare all students for success in global environment at affordable costs.

The House System has always encouraged personal responsibility amongst students over the course of last eight or so years and it still continueus to do. These smaller school communities engender healthy rivalry in friendly games and other extra-curricular activities, building team skills, leadership skills and co-operation.

MGES has proven to be a resounding success throughout Multan. From its MGES secretariat in School road, Multan to APS Boys and APS Girls in Multan Cantt, the quality is everywhere. You can even witness it in APS junior and APS pre school.

MGES is fullfilling its vision by investing in success for all students. It also ensures safety of students and its staff and there is also opportunity of online classes and exams. The MGES admissions are also trophy to be held. Students join a House when they join the school and belong to their House until they leave.

The House System helps build an individual’s strengths within a group and creates a bond with other pupils of all ages. Student Portal is your gateway to MGES. As pupils reach their senior years at the School they become increasingly involved in running their Houses and co-coordinating House activities.

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