Girl Friend Search for Whatsapp in Pakistan

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Pakistan is becoming modern. Things are changing, and so is the society. Now boys don’t have to make rounds of girl colleges and universities. Girl Friend search for whatsapp in Pakistan is the new vogue.

Now boys don’t have to stand in the sun or rain or hail to wait for girls, hurl love letters at them, honk at them, put their mobile numbers on cards in their way, or just go to them and ask for friendship. Girl Friend search for whatsapp in Pakistan has now become prevalent in major cities.

For example in Karachi, there is such a trend of whatsapp friendship with girls that boys exchange whatsapp numbers of girls in Pakistan. In Lahore, I have seen such directory in the custody of few of the boys who were happily boasting about it and some were even selling it. I was shocked to learn that it was going on for some time.

Lahori girls whatsapp numbers are even written on the walls of colleges. One of my facebook friend told me that in their boys hostel, he has seen few numbers written on the walls of washroom and when he tried couple of them, they were genuine. So much so, that he even struck a friendship with a girl in Islamabad on whatsapp.

As long as the friendship is between consenting adults without any ulterior motives, then I don’t think it’s bad. But once, it becomes something else or if one party starts deceiving the other one, then it becomes an issue and not good at all. Boundaries should be observed in all cases and maturity should be shown.

So its not that only boys are animated about it, girls are equally excited and encouraging it. Well not all of them but there is no dearth of such girls who would not hesitate to make a whatsapp friend. whatsapp groups of girlfriends is also quite a normal thing these days.

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