Tariq Aziz Death Cause

tariq aziz death cause

During the 80s, if there was one TV program which was special for everyone from 8pm to 9pm, it was PTV’s ‘Nailam Ghar’, a quiz show by legendary host Tariq Aziz, who is no more. Tariq Aziz death cause is not Coronavirus as some media outlets are claiming.

Tariq Aziz still holds the record of the longest running TV show in Pakistan and also in south Asia. Tariq Aziz’s deep heavy voice along with his masculine persona and booming posture was very famous. Everyone used to follow his hairstyle in that era including many of the politicians and other celebrities.

The then president General Ziaul Haq was also a big fan of him and personal friend. Zia used to invite Tariq Aziz at his presidency for live shows and also bestowed many honors upon him which were well deserved. Tariq Aziz also received many international accolades for his performances.

It is also interesting to note that Tariq Aziz also performed in theater, drama, and movies in Pakistan. He also performed in some of the internationally produced shows but they were not that popular due to lack of marketing. Tariq Aziz also tried his hands on politics but wasn’t a huge success. Tariq Aziz profile was quite full of everything.

Tariq Aziz death cause is still unknown though he was sick for a long time. Pakistanis are quiet sad on his demise as he was still very popular though was inactive for a long time. His legacy of quiz shows and other sort of TV shows is well and alive. He has many students who are copying his still and he will remain alive through their acts.

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