5 Pakistanis Sisters Who Passed CSS

When final result of CSS was announced then it contained a name which was sure to pass. This name belonged to Zaha Malik Sher, who is the youngest sister of five and is the fifth member of this family to achieve this honor. These are brainy lionesses who have broken this record worldwide for competitive exam. 5 Pakistanis sisters who passed CSS have become a national sensation.

Before Zaha, her four sisters are already working at top positions after passing CSS examination with flying colors. This elite family belong to Hariput which is in Hazara region of KPk province of Pakistan. Their parents Malik Rafiq Awan and Begum Khursheed studied from presentation convent school of Rawalpindi. This is the same school from where former slain Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto obtained her early education.

The eldest sister is Laila Malik, who passed CSS in 2008. Since then every after 2 or 3 years, other sisters followed her footsteps and cleared the CSS. Laila Malik is posted in Karachi these days in Income Tax department and considered one the top officers there. Laila also holds the honor of becoming youngest candidate to become CSP officer in Pakistan. She passed it when she was only 21.

After Laila, Shireen Malik passed the CSS and these days working as director in National Highway Authority (NHA). Third sister is Sassi Sher Malik who is deputy executive Chaklala Cantt Rawalpindi and then comes Marvi Malik Sher who is Assistant Commissioner Abbottabad. The youngest is Zaha Malik who will be posted to Management Group after passing this prestigious exam.

Their father is retired from Wapda. He said that people used to sympathize with him over 5 daughters. He said that now the same people are congragulating them on their daughters’ success. He said that the secret of success behind his daughters was continuous hardwork and focus. They never compromised on education. Studies were always prioritized over anything else.

5 Pakistanis sisters who passed CSS are a glowing example that if you keep working hard, then you become successful, no matter what. Pakistanis have to learn from this example and start giving importance and priority to education, especially of girls.

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