Corona Mental Health in Pakistan

corona mental health pakistan

Take it easy mates. I know the going is hard. Times are tough. Corona mental health in Pakistan is a real alarming issue and needs immediate attention. I was pleasantly surprised to see Google doodle about mental health during COVID-19 which has quite good tips.

PAUSE. Breathe. Reflect
KEEP to a healthy routine
CONNECT with others
BE KIND to yourself and others
REACH OUT for help if you need it

Corona mental health in Pakistan is not discussed that much on the national media as this is still considered a taboo and people are embarrassed to talk about it as their is stigma attached to it. No one wants to be called a ‘pagal’ or retarded.

One of the thing which I noticed is that people have gone lot quiter and it seems that they are suffering in in silence. All this isolation, loneliness, less social contact has contributed to the already grim vibe in our society. Poverty, joblessness, hunger, homelessness and other harsh realities have set us back a lot.

Mental health issues in Pakistan are rising. Even the young adults are suffering from it. In the wake of Coronavirus pandemic, the situation is worsening. There is no official helpline for it, and government as usual seems very disinterested. They don’t even recognize it as a problem, let alone do something about it.

It’s a really difficult time right now. If you’re worried about your mental health (or someone else’s) , then don’t just remain silent. Go out into community and ask for help. People care and you will find some shoulder for comfort.

Through support, research and advocacy we can all come together and move towards mentally healthy Pakistan.

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