Modi Surrenders Galwan Valley

So what happened to Modi’s 34inch chest or how wide was it? Has it shrunk or did the measurement was wrong? What happened to that bravado, all the high talk as Modi surrenders Galwan Valley?

Galwan Valley news is not good for India. Wars, defeats and retreats are part of the game but India shouldn’t be spreading misinformation about their ignominious loss in Galwan. China’s Galwan Valley (or was it India’s?) has become a laughing stock now for Indian army.

The most funny thing which I read today in this regard that annual imports from China to India account to INR 5.25 lakh crore. More than 70% of its is imported by Gujarati businessmen and they call it ‘Dhandoo’. Now these Gujarati businessmen fund BJP during elections. Hence Modi, the Prime Minister of India is reluctant to take action against China as he would destroy his vote base. I know this sound absurd but who knows.

The most stupid statement by PM Modi was that if no one intruded India’s broder then how come 20 Indian soldiers died? Were they fighting among themselves? If that’s the case then its more alarming than the defeat in battle.

Ladakh face-off with China is costly for India. They have to show brave face but they cannot hide their losses and defeat. Public pressure is mounting and Mode has to do something. At one side Coronavirus pandemic is wrecking havoc in India, and on the other side China is tightening the screws on them.

China has officially claimed Galwan Valley in Ladakh as their territory. Chinese are not mincing any words. They are speaking with their guns and not making any excuses at all. They are confirming that they have entered Indian or disputed territory and have taken a vast area plus killed Indian soldiers.

So here are few questions for Modi sarkar:

Nothing happened at LAC, then why 24 army were killed?
Why 54+ soldiers are critical??
Why families of 24 army’s has desolated??
56 Inch was so scared that he didn’t dared even to mention name of China?

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