YDA and PTI – 2 Sides of Same Coin


Young Doctor Association (YDA) of Pakistan is a pack of thugs who have been trying to arm twist all the governments for some time now. YDA and PTI are basically the two sides of same coin and its quite a spectacle to see both of them locking horns with each other.

During the exemplary era of Shahbaz Sharif, it was a daily routine of YDA to do strikes in hospitals. They used to close down OPDs and emergencies at moment’s notice to browbeat the government. Government of PMLN increased their salaries, pay scales, and perks many a times but they kept blackmailing the then administration.

In order to provide relief to the common people and for uninterrupted supply of health treatment, the Shahbaz Sharif administration always blinked first. Another reason of government defeat at that time was PTI, the opposition was always on the side of YDA.

Both YDA and PTI used to choke hospitals and roads. Its quite ironic to see that now PTI administration is being thrashed by these YDA goons. Goons versus goons contest is an eye opener and a lesson of history, which is well deserved for PTI.

Can we have anything more absurd? This pack of jokers and their black comedy know no limits. Usman Dar and Dr. Yasmin Rashid are now running health sector of this government. These 2 people were key to stage protests against PMLN by using YDA. They are tasting their own medicine now.

The common sentiment out there is that YDA should first protest against their own medical superintendent and Principal before going to Usman Dar, and they shouldnt forget to write vote for Bat at the end of your prescriptions.

Usman Dar tried to hold a political gathering and speech at a public hospital during pandemic. And when responsible doctors didn’t show up, he got them all terminated. Now these doctors are warning and kind of threatning Dar and Yasmin Rashid to take back termination letters or else face consequences.

Enjoy, the Tabdeeli & Chitar Parade from the Un elected SAPM.

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