Niazi Germany and Justice Isa

niazi germany

If you are surprised what’s happening in Pakistan then either you are naive or you are a past youthia who voted for PTI and now wonders what went wrong but too proud to admit it. Niazi Germany is the new order in Pakistan.

Puppet of establishment plus a superficial and egoistic nature of this regime has coined a new term of Niazi Germany. Justice Faez Isa of Supreme Court is trying to do the right thing but he is mistaken and sort of naive to think that it would accomplish anything. Some people have tried doing that before him and nothing emerged out of it. I don’t think that anything worthwhile is going to come out of this either.

Justice Isa’s integrity has stood him well but not his bold outspokenness. He has said many things publicly which are not meant to be said in Pakistan. The thing is that it wasn’t as if his words brought a cataclysmic change in, or threatened the pre-eminence of, the institution.

I guess it was enough that he dared when almost everybody else has been silenced. Nazi Germany’s Goebbels, let alone this incompetent government, can rationalise the total and devastating defeat of the federal government in the Justice Faez Isa case. But this Niazi Germany and anything could happen here.

Justice Qazi Faez Isa and his family are being dragged through victimization in the name of accountability but no one is saying a word about Gen Musharraf who has been absconding from law for many years, and continue to do so even after his conviction by a court for high treason.

Justice Qazi Faez Isa, the Supreme Court judge facing a presidential reference for not disclosing his family’s assets, turned the tables on the ruling party before the apex court by identifying key ‘PTI leaders’ who owned properties in the UK. Justice Isa in a written statement informed SC that in UK :

Shehzad Akbar owned 5 properties
Imran Khan 6 properties
Zulfi Bukhari 7 properties
Usman Dar have 3 properties

Also stated that State Bank must check whether said individuals had foreign exchange accounts. But nothing has come out of it. Media has also ignored it very conveniently and no anchor has given it a second thought.

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