Pagal Ankhon Wali Larki Novel Download

She was not stunningly beautiful, neither she was outstanding in her height. No feature was extra ordinary and yet she had something which made people to turn their heads as she walked by. This is what Pagal Ankhon Wali Larki novel download will make you think.

Set in the backdrop of Hazara hill station Abbottabad. It’s a conservative city with religious tilt. People are aggressive yet it’s shown that they can love and flirt and lots of things are not that conservative. This is basically what you would find in most parts of Pakistan.

Anyway, the herioin of the novel is university student who gets teased by boys. The boys are lot elder than her and she is worried about her safety and dignity. She wants to carry on her studies as this is her last year at unviersity and if her conservative family finds out, her studied will be discontinued. Boys seem to know realize that and they are taking advantage of that fact.

Like many other families in Mansehra and Abbottabad, Ishnal’s father had a business in Karachi. Most of the male from this area go to Karachi in search of jobs and then settle there as there is very limited oppotunity in this sort of far flung area. Ishnal also has three other sisters. Areesha is married, whereas middle sister Ushiya is settled in Abbottabad and then came Ishnal.

The boy who used to teach Ishnal was Fahd. Fahd used to write her love letter and almost daily used to come to stalk her. Sana, Ishanl’s friend also knew about it and she was double minded as whether to side with Ishanl or with Fahd.

Free Pagal Ankhon Wali Larki novel download is available here.

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