Most Cheap and Expensive Pizza in Karachi

cheap karachi pizza

What is the cheapest or most expensive pizza in Karachi on a per square inch basis? Famous’s O’s leads the pack, and NYP’s 21″ is the cheapest. Famous O’s 20″ is smack in the middle of the pack and at the optimal flavor-price level. This is the research by Ammar Khan on social media.

karachi cheapeast pizza

Who doesn’t love Pizza. Everyone simply adores it from every age group whether its kids, young or old ones. It’s a comfort and filling food which suits to every occassion. Originated somewhere in Southern Europe, Pizza is now an international food where every region has customized it to their own taste.

Pakistani pizza is one of the most delicious pizza out there. Studded with meat of different styles including karachi, balti, bbq, qorma, and various others; nothing can beat it. You cannot forget it once you try it out.

Average price is PKR 10.4 per square inch.

Ammar says, “So didn’t do Domino’s because it does not disclose diameter of it’s pizzas. Same reason for not covering other gourmet pizzas including Pomo, Xanders, etc. All data sourced from menus from either Facebook pages, or website, without any deals.”

People have also shared some suggestions and insights to it in the comments, as pizza in Karachi is so popular. For example Azeem says, “one thing that distort is to add different sizes of pizza e.g New York 21 is 6.9 but 16” is 10.7. I think average would make more sense if we compare it across same size pizza of different chains though we will have multiple averages for different sizes.”

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