Say No to Online Classes in Pakistan

Online Classes in Pakistan

Say No to online classes in Pakistan is top trend on social media as students of Balochistan, FATA, AJK, Sindh and other parts of country are protesting hard about this measure due to various reasons. Online classes are not beneficial for Students because of expensive Internet packages, network problems, nonstop Load shedding, lack of facilities which leads depression.

3rd day of token hunger strike camp in front of Quetta press club is continued. All students and people from walk of life are requested to show solidarity with students. Students and some of the teachers are urging others to say no to online classes in Pakistan all across the country.

They are demanding resignation of chairman HEC. They say that they demand measures to expand high-speed internet in all areas of Balochistan, former FATA, GB, Sindh, and other backward areas of Pakistan. They also say that the educational funds allocation for digital infrastructure of education, immediate suspension of online classes & exams in absense of good quality internet.

One student cried out that If we are in home then surely we are not using electricity, and we are not using water, and we are not using building and any other infrastructure. We are also not using any other thing of university. And we are also not using any resources. According to them, “we’re paying a great amount for Internet packages here. Then why we are Paying such a High Fee’s of University?”

Questions and reservations are valid. Teachers and most of students don’t know how to use Zoom in Pakistan for online classes. You can’t play with these kids lives. They are already so stressed out with everything happening around the world and to increase the stress would be really cruel to them. This is our future generation we are talking about so please make good a decision.

Students from Ex-FATA,GB & remote areas of Balochistan have no access to internet.while,Oneline classes can’t work untill all have equal access. So,We reject the floop MLF system, online classes,Exams & fee hikes amidst pandemic.

Students of Balochistan can’t attend online classes & that is why chanting slogans in every district #SayNoToOnlineClasses. If students can’t be facilitated then it is better to terminate the online classes. Educational discrimination is rejected by the students of remote areas.

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