Pakistani Girl Whatsapp Number

pakistani girl whatsapp

Whatsapp has become an integral part of our lives in Pakistan. Regardless of gender, age, color, creed, profession, locality and any other factor; its equally popular among everyone. Its utility is far reaching and its benefits are immense.

Just like with every other good thing, the misuse of Whatsapp has made it a burden for many. I am part of many Whatsapp groups of Pakistani girls where girls share their issues, problems and ask for advice. On numerous points we have found out that some boy managed to sneak into the group and starting harassing other girls.

I was part of a whatsapp support group in Karachi for girls and this guy pretended to be a girl in trouble. We gave him/her some advice and then one girl messaged him privately and then went to meet him thinking it was a girl on other side and it turned out to be a boy. She just simply ran away from there and we blocked him. Thankfully no harm was done but it was a close call.

Pakistani girl whatsapp number sharing is so common that you would find even groups within whatsapp and even on other social media platform. Its not easy to change the number these days and then recreating or reimporting everything to the new number. Its a huge hassle and cost money and time. So its very important that girls take care of their numbers and don’t share it with the strangers especially on the whatsapp and other social media sites.

I know that whatsapp messenger can be addictive and its hard to stop yourself. Especially in these days of stress, loneliness, and hard world one tried to find solace online. But trust me your best friends are the ones who are physically present there and you know them well. First try to strike or re-discover friendship in your family, instead of searching it online where there are lots of perils.

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