Terrorist Not Shaheed

idiot imran khan

When you give chocolate to a donkey and the donkey turns his head, its your fault if you get disappointed. If you expect Imran Khan to behave like a statesman; and when he doesn’t and you get disappointed, then its your fault. Laden was a terrorist not shaheed, but this idiot thinks otherwise.

A terrorist is a murderer and not a Shaheed by any standard. We can never forget the APS massacre n so many other attacks agst innocent citizens and our Faujis. Thank God for the Pakistan Army that fought terrorism in Pakistan with courage to restore peace but this puppet of army is bent on destroying that goodwill.

Imran’s ministers, all of them have already made Pakistan a laughing stock internationally. Just take example of Zartag Gul and her daily gaffes. She is nothing but a relfection of her head honcho who is the biggest item of all.

While I was writing this, I got the news that former chief of @JIPOfficial, Syed Munawar Hassan, passed away in Karachi. He was also of same opinion but was shunned by media and then for the last some time he was also silent on this as he might have got the right idea.

On social media, the backlash is huge after this claim by Imran Khan that OBL was a Shaheed. This OBL shaheed folly is turning out to be very difficult to clean for youthias. Half of youthopia has fallen in love with OBL once again and the other half is calling it a slip of tongue.

The number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan crossed 192,000-mark, while the death toll reached 3,903 on Thursday. But this selected puppet is talking about issues which mean nothing now for world or for Pakistan. He is trying to divert the attention from COVID folly of his impotent government.

One of my youthia friend had this to say after this, “A man of blunders— I have made my mind about him that — anything about him…. I will Let it go.. But he keeps coming with irrational thoughts.” But you will still find plenty of blind followers.

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