PIA is Doomed

PIA Grounded

When PMLN government tried to privatize PIA, it was PTI which created chaos and with the help of unions blocked that move. PMLN then tried to bring in new management on merit; but again PTI killed that move by backing the thug unions of PIA.

Now the selected government of PTI has admitted that PIA is virtually dead. Its pilots are incompetent and just like PTI, these pilots have got fake license. These selected pilots were hired by unions after taking hefty bribes and have been working there for a long time. Its not coincidence that PIA is such an unsafe airline to travel with. Its a small wonder that some of its plane are still flying safely here and there.

Global airline body IATA has also woken up to this reality and have said that its serious lapse that PIA has this many pilots with fake licenses. Can IATA(International Air Transport Association) ground PIA totally because of Pakistan’s own admittance that it is unsafe to fly PIA as nearly 30 % of its active pilots possess fake pilots licenses? What if it does do that?Will we have the Minister of Aviation to thank for it?

I get an ugly feeling and a hunch that unless some miracle happens PIA is going to be consigned to the dustbins of history. It can’t go on and on in this manner. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) already survived long enough on State largesse while other airlines make profits inland and on international routes.

PIA was once the pride of Pakistan and then nepotism happened to it. Unions destroyed it and then it became victim of ugly politics. Its a dead horse and no point beating it. The sooner PIA is grounded the better for the country. A new private airline should emerge from the ashes of this laughing stock of an airline. All the pilots, techical staff and other management people should be fired without any perks or privileges.

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