SMQ Opens Kartarpur in Coronavirus

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The two-tongue foreign minister of Pakistan, who is always on the look out to become next Prime Minister has started another stunt for cheap publicity. He is now trying to present soft image by saying that Pakistan is opening up Sih worship place so that yatris from outside can visit it.

As places of worship open up across the world, Pakistan prepares to reopen the Kartarpur Sahib Corridor for all Sikh pilgrims, conveying to the Indian side our readiness to reopen the corridor on 29 June 2020, the occasion of the death anniversary of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh.

Social media is outraged. People are asking him why first he doesn’t open up Mosques in the country and then think about opening other worship places for visitors? Even Saudia Arabia isn’t opening Hajj, yet this SMQ is opening Kartarpur gurdawara. He already know that railway and airports of India are shutdown and international travel is banned for next 2months. Just a stunt to show how much they care for sikhs.

The thing is that no one is against opening any worship place for anyone. But no dramas please. We all know that Coronavirus pandemic is raging on both sides of border. People are dying and its now matter of survival. This is no time for political dramas. International travel is banned, trains and airports are shutdown for 2months in India. Just a stunt nothing more. He already know not a single sikh could cross border.

Why we are so bothered about Ranjeet Singh. Kashmir was annexed by Gulab Singh who was at the service of Ranjeet Singh, if I’m not wrong? First of all its #COVID19 and secondly India’s saber rattling at LOC and the region’s tense security environment that shud make us think why when we are loathe of opening even mosques..when Saudi Arab hasn’t opened Haj for foreigners , we are willing to open Kartarpur .

We should just ignore this useless statement by useless FM.

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