Prime Minister Afridi

prime minister afridi

Our punishment is not finished yet. After Imran Khan, the new low will be Shahid Afridi or is it equal embarrassment? Just imagine Shahid Afridi as contender of premiership and Imran Khan trying to save hist. Comedy of grave errors is our future, it seems.

Prime Minister Afridi not only sounds comical, it is. Just to get rid of established political leaders, the establishment propped up Imran Khan Niazi and now country’s survival as viable state is at stake. Economy is down the drain; unemployment is touching sky; businesses are virtually dead; neither media nor any genuine political activity is allowed, and we are doomed as a nation.

The perpetrators who brought Niazi clan are also under the fire from within but its perhaps too late. That, and the same perpetrators are now trying to bring in some balance by introducing yet another idiotic person in the fray. Shahid Khan Afridi, the fiery so-called batsman who never really made it to the quality is now being touted as Prime Minister of future. His philanthropy photos, religious postures, well-crafted statements and timed appearances are now making rounds on electronic and social media.

Shahid Afridi destroyed Pakistani cricket by his slogging and then occupying the space for too long. He always promised skies but never delivered even dust. Out of every 50 or so matches, he hardly made any mark ever and that was just by fluke. Expect even less from him in politics as we already have seen that cricketers never make any reasonable politicians. With no political background whatsoever, Shahid Afridi won’t be even able to win his own street if elections are held freely and fairly. He will be a disaster all in all if he is brought in through fake mandate just like Imran Niazi. Prime Minister Afridi will be a folly which might be the last for all of us.

It’s the time of hour that we as masses should say no to this experimentation. We must ensure that politics take natural course of action in Pakistan. Its in our best interest that democracy flourishes in the country and people’s will prevail.

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