Chuckla in Karachi

chukla karachi

Chuckla in Karachi is not a new thing. As we know it, its the oldest profession in the human history, and a taboo too. From the days of yore, these chucklas are part of sub-continent history. Even with the arrival of outside conquerors, they keep flourishing in one form or another.

If you look at the history of India, you would see that many cities in Northern and Southern part of India were famous for dancing girls and other skin business. For example, Luchnow was and probably still is famous for its singing and dancing families and has produced some of the best singers and dancers out there. Yes, chucklas are bit shadier than those dancing kothas but at the end of day, they all originate from the same needs.

Not only in India, but in Pakistan too this is quite common. Chuckla in Karachi are not the only one, rather they are present in every cities like Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Quetta, Multan and everywhere. Some are known to the authorities and some pop up here and there. Online chuklas are also quite common now as its easier, quicker and perhaps bit safer rather than standing on the road side or waiting in dark alleys.

Of course its a social taboo and illegal too in Pakistan. But then everyone knows it and they just turn a blind eye. Bribes and other clout also plays a massive part here and no one really bothers afterwards. Even in small cities like Wah Cantt, Mardan, Quetta, Hyderabad these things are quite common and readily available. May be its time that government regulates this for the safety of everyone involved.

But I don’t think that our hypocrisy would allows us to do that. We all like to read about it. We search about it online for hours. We can talk freely about it among friends but when it comes to recognizing it, we all become conservative and start foaming at our mouths. These double standards have become part of our decaying society.

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