Pakistan Stock Exchange Latest Attack Status

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Pakistan stock exchange latest attack status is that number of people have been killed and the security forces have killed the gunmen who stormed the building and opened fire.

This story is still evolving and identities of the attackers are still unknown. It is being said that intelligence reports were already present that something could happen in the volatile port city of Pakistan. Pakistan stock exchange or formerly Karachi stock exchange is not something which could be deemed a target so its bit surprising and shocking for everyone.

Pakistani media is reporting that intermittent firing could still be heard. Pakistan stock exchange latest attack status is being updated second by second as situation is still sensitive and uncertainty is shrouding everything including the latest news.

Channels are also reporting that sorrounding area is being evacuated. Emergency has been enforced in the major hospitals and injured are being rushed to the nearby hospitals. Helpline has been established to get the latest news about this gruesome attack. The purpose seems to be anarchy and confusion spread among the citizen.

The federal government is as muffed as always and don’t know how to tackle the situation. That is why the security agencies have taken the control in their hands.

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