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youthia logic

Following is a typical youthia logic in response to whatever you say about Imran Khan:

Khan didn’t say that.
And if he did, he didn’t mean that.
And if he did, you didn’t understand it.
And if you did, it’s not a big deal.
And if it is, others have said worse.

The surprising thing is this response doesn’t just come from young and inexperienced youthias, rather the educated, experienced and erudite youthias would say the same thing. They would refuse to listen to any reason and logic. Majority of them would start foaming at their mouths if you keep pestering them about one failure after another about Khan.

Khan is like a pseudo-prophet for them. Khan can do no wrong. Khan can never go wrong. Khan will always be right. Khan has a plan. Khan has support of forces meremortals cannot fathom and understand. Khan is Khan and haters will be haters.

I have learned the hard way, after loosing many friends and after antagonizing many relatives that its better to not lock horns with a youthia in debate. Just listen and ignore. Yes most of youthias would take it for granted that you would have to concur about what they are saying about Khan, but you need to learn to keep your cool if you want to keep the relationship.

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