Lt.-Gen Nigar Johar : Pride of Pakistan

nigar johar

There is a very graceful lady Nigar Johar, I follow on social media. Her tweets, her personality has always inspired me to aim for high. I was so glad to hear that she was promoted to become Lieutenant General and now she is Lt.-Gen Nigar Johar.

In her beautiful social media message she announced, “Alhamdulillah. With the grace of Almighty Allah I have been promoted as Lieutenant General. & I have become the 1st female officer to be promoted as Lieutenant General. I have no words to express my happiness. Thanks For all your prayers and best wishes.”

MashaAllah a proud moment for all the women and swabiwals. Evil eyes off ma’am. May Allah keep you safe. Hailing from Swabi, this is awesome news for all the women of KP and Pakistan at large. If you keep working hard and if you keep your intentions clear and neat, you will be the victor and you can do anything.

Becoming a high ranking officer in esteemed Pakistan Army is in itself a great feat. It takes mettle, midnight oil, sheer hardwork, consistency and intelligence to reach this position. Being a lady, it becomes more hard, but she has done and we are so much proud of her. One hopes that other ladies also follow her example and they also rise and shine. I look forward hearing more from her as my guiding light.

High Rank Female Army officers can really make a difference in male dominated army office holder’s society. Its on record female bureaucrats are doing wonders bringing in transition in Pakistan civil services. Pakistan Army really bring in more and more female Army officers.

The whole nation is proud of your accomplishments which indeed is a result of your dedicated services for Pakistan.

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