PIA Grounded

UK bans PIA and so has the European Union. PIA flights to USA and Canada are also in doubt now as more and more countries are raising questions about the fake licenses of PIA pilots. Pakistani government is still silent on this issue.

Unbelievable! First, Pakistanis not allowed to enter various countries. Then Gulf Airlines refusing to come to Pakistan. Now PIA not allowed into EU! Thank you Selectors and Captain of Team Pakistan!, Najam Sethi has opined on social media.

Travellers who have bought PIA tickets from UK, Italy, Spain, France, USA, Canada, and other places are anxious as whats the status of their PIA flights. Overseas Pakistanis and their families who are ready to fly out of Pakistan on PIA flights are also very confused. There is no information from PIA help line on this.

Unbelievable! 30% of PIA’s pilots had FAKE Licenses but kept flying, endangering millions of precious lives shamelessly, for years. Firstly MQM filled PIA later on PPP tried to privatize it but couldn’t due to over staffing pressure even chairman replacement became an issue should. Well who were the responsible for hiring Piolts into PIA with the fake License. They are the actual resposible for this. The Karachi plane crash reports shows how much they give the importance to the merit.

On another note, it is thousand times better to be banned till we sort out the cases of dubious licences/fake degrees rather than having air crashes, killing hundreds of people, every alternate year. For how long we will be sweeping everything under the carpet. The better would have been if this decision is taken by pakistani Government to stop operations until rectification as imposition of a ban by others is a global shame. If ego of government is hurt then it means it felt nothing for the ones who died in the crash.

This is how minister aviation was busy in taking credit and making headlines even without finalising the investigation on suspected licenses. He accepted tht 100 pilots have not even been traced but still did 2 pressers and 2 speeches.Even PIA was unaware about the list of pilots. PIA’s six-month suspension by EU is the opportunity to fix the airline. I’m in favour of a complete shutdown of PIA for elimination of all its logistical, infrastructural & human flaws, & to have long-term, transparent restructuring. PIA bleeds money, close all its operations and fix it.

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