Housing Directorate GHQ Rawalpindi Jobs 2020

ghq jobs 2020

Working in GHQ is a dream for every Pakistani. Esteem, guaranteed income, job security, perks, privileges, and chance to serve the homeland are the main attractions of this career. Job seekers across Pakistan yearn to get an opportunity to be employed at GHQ.

General Head Quarters in Rawalpindi is a magnet for job seekers in Pakistan. Housing Directorate GHQ Rawalpindi Jobs 2020 are online and applications are being taken. The results of successful candidates will be announced soon too.

GHQ jobs 2020 are plentiful but you have to be talented and meet the criteria. The security clearance is a must and waiting time is bit longish too. But its all worth it if you are successful as then you are set for life.

Having said that you shouldn’t just confine your career to Housing Directorate GHQ Rawalpindi Jobs 2020. Because if for some reason you are unable to get this job, there are many other ways to serve the country in civilian capacity. Its not the end of world if this doesn’t work out.

In Karachi and Lahore, GHQ jobs are also very much sought after and people are willing to move to Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Remote working options are probably not available as this is a security oriented and sensitive job for sure.

Nations can dream of their socio-economic progress and development only when they are sure that their guardians are strong enough to ensure protection and peace. In case of Pakistan, a strong defence was all the more a stark reality to face the encounters and hostilities with unflinching courage. Army is an iridescent view, a vast canvas of vivid colours, pulsating with powerful currents of life. It has a flow and a body of its own whose velocity is sustained by noblest of traditions applied in very exacting manner.

Another charm of working in GHQ is that you will be part of best army in the world. Just like Our chivalrous soldiers of great Pakistani armed forces, apart from defending the country’s borders, always remained in the forefront of national development so in the same spirit the GHQ workers also consider themselves as soldiers.



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