Steps to Write Urdu in Word

urdu writing in word 2020

Following are step by step instructions to install and then write Urdu in Microsoft Word:

Step 1: Download and install the Urdu language keyboard in Windows 10.

  • In Windows Search (Click on Circle icon to search as shown below), type Settings, and go to Settings App
  • Select Language on left hand side on the screen
  • Click on Add a Preferred Language and select Urdu
  • You can search Urdu like following screen in Windows 10
  • Then Install the Urdu Language Features
  • Then open the Microsoft Word and install Urdu like this:

Open MS Word and change the default language to Urdu. Now you can change the default language by clicking on Review on the menu bar of MS Word and then click on language.

That’s all there is to this. Steps to write Urdu in Word seems bit overwhelming at first but installation and enabling the Urdu in Windows 10 is just one off thing. Once you enabled it, its just the matter of switching between Urdu and English in the menu bar.

Steps to write Urdu in Word can also be used in later version of Windows. In earlier versions of Windows, like Windows 7 , they are bit different but not much. Happy Urdu writing.

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