Hania Amir Hot Video Scandal

Hania Amir, her song, and Hania Amir sister is making rounds in the Pakistani social media. Hania Amir hot video scandal is the news of the day. People have forgotten about Coronavirus pandemic for a moment and sharing and downloading her sizzling video.

The Tum Tum song is being shared, downloaded, and its ring tone is getting to the mobile phones. Whatsapp groups are also abuzz with this Hania Amir story. So who is Hania Amir and why all of a sudden she is so famous. Hania Amir photos and profile is  being searched like crazy as she is the new celebrity.

The truth is that the amount of hani’s role in Asim Azhar song is same as my role in online classes. When I talked with a friend about this, she said, “to all people who are defending her guess what you all are going to hell so I am but you gonna have a little more torture there as promoting things which is haram in Islam at last I didn’t watch the video because I dont promote useless things also tiktok.”

Its not all lost, some people are saying that Hania Amir’s role in this song is as less Buzdar, but she has done justice to it. Asim must be proud of her as she has managed to attract so much attention and marketing for this song,which is otherwise an average song.

But there are fans too. One is saying that this rivals the Ko Ko Korina song from the days of yore. Now Pakistanis can be proudly say that they have the modern music with modern dancers like Hania Amir.

Way to go girl.

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