Comparison of Benazir Bhutto and Imran Khan

Benazir Bhutto and Imran Khan

It’s funny how Imran Khan refers to Benazir as “beychari” and “meri classfellow” now. When she was alive he even blamed her for the attack on her convoy in Oct ‘07 that predated her assassination in Dec ‘07. What Benazir used to say about him was always spot on though.

I recall when a journalist asked Benazir (circa 95/96), “Mr Imran Khan says u are very corrupt. How do u respond?” She said, “Look what Imran Khan has done for money. He’s married a little girl just because her father is a billionaire.”

When late slain Benazir Bhutto was alive, we got settled for two party system. Imran Khan was nowhere to be seen. He even didn’t win his seat. He got this status of second popular leader only because of the space created by BB’s demise. I hate to compare him with BB who was a renowned & established states-person of international repute.

The truth is that you cannot compare the stature of Benazir Bhutto with the pygmy Imran Khan, who is nobody but just a puppet. There simply is no comparison of great MSBB with mediocre IK. IK is ahead of everyone in mediocrity.

Imran Khan tries to take credit for building Shaukat Khanum hospital but the truth is that the land for it was given by Nawaz Sharif and Punjab government built most of it. Another folly is Namal university which is a mediocre university.

SZAB university is in top 30 in Asia not 200? Would you or IK send his kids to Namal? IK is mediocre with average intelligence who can easily be manipulated through astrological charms and tricks. He is a total and and he will be a total failure.

It’s high time that Pakistani people recognize what the true leader is and start to cherish them. Democracy, grass root political leadership, and the established leaders are rare and they don’t come every day. We already have missed a lot.

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