Car Mafia in Pakistan

car mafia pakistan

Car mafia in Pakistan isn’t just confined to the used car dealers and thieves who sell spare parts in the black markets of Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi. This car mafia also includes the large car companies including Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki.

Look at the Price and Features Comparison of Toyota Yaris in Pakistan and India. Pakistanis have been deprived of even basic safety features. This mafia is providing highly expensive cars with features of 90’s. Why cant we get international standards vehicles in reasonable and affordable price?

car mafia pakistan

None of the Honda City variant in Pakistan has the safety air bags but the price is very high. Car Mafia is strong in Pakistan. They is no way one can survive even in a minor accident because these substandard chilkaa cars don’t have any safety features. Unfortunately Pakistanis are enforced to buy these highly expensive Killing Machines.

Alas!!! Pakistanis are deprived of basic safety features in the highly expensive cars. We are paying three times more as compared to neighbouring countries and getting not even half the features they are getting. Why not same company Honda can maintain Same quality standards as they are maintained in rest of world specially Dubai? If You imported Material then why you gave us cheap quality like Steel box Suzuki Mehran.

At this time, the Pakistani nation should raise its voice against this car mafia so that we too can get cheap cars of international standard and avoid the loss of precious lives. Wagon and car registration including nearly 1.9 million hog moon car tires borrowed from the junk shop to make a ton of car gear worse than the car of 1902, the price of the car never falls, unfortunately the reach of the middle class. Such wrecked vehicles are also sold as demo cars in Pakistan.

Over 28 years this Suzuki Mehran is in the market, they have been increasing price without adding any new features. Mehran is not a car really, but a motorcycle with ‘charpai’ in between. We all must Boycott Pakistan Automobile Big Three Mafia. Why we are paying higher price for a scrap. See the price comparison with Dubai, even with less safety and luxury features we are forced to pay higher price.

In the absence of monitoring of vehicles by any regulatory body, the local manufacturers of cars/vehicles have been producing low standard/quality vehicles against comparatively costlier rates in the region. They must be scrutinised. Look at the features and price difference of Honda Accord in Pakistan vs Worldwide. There must be some regulatory authority to control this Automobile Mafia in Pakistan.

Suzuki, Honda, and Toyota must improve their car safety, features & most important is to use better material to save life, otherwise they shOuld not sell their garbage in Millions just to kill not People. Why is there such a difference in the rate of both the vehicles, after all, the material is the same. Shame that mafia is working. Big Three (Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki) bully the market in Pakistan.

Pakistani Luxury car Honda City sold in Pakistan without airbags, Avam needs to take care of his safety himself Only then will these companies put a little money in their vehicles. Car mafia in Pakistan must be apprehended now.

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