Justice for Mashood Shehzad

mashood shehzad

Suleiman a resident of sector G6 Islamabad went to fetch some medicines for her mother. He was passing through a police point where police stopped him because he was not wearing his mask. Suleiman requested the police to let him go and that he’s in emergency but the police kept on teasing him. Suleman called on his brother Mashood Shehzad who was living nearby to sort out the matter.

Mashood asked the police how can you be strict on a minor boy for mask if you yourself are not wearing it? This triggered the policemen and there was exchange of words. The policemen called him “Jahil pashtoon and ghaddar”. The neighbors interfered and the matter was cooled down.

But later on at night time the police raided Mashood’s house. They beated up everyone at home and even took his old ailing 65 yrs old father with them. This is the worst kind of torture and ethnic discrimination against respectible citizens. If police department wants to be respected, it should treat others in the same way.

The behaviour of police is utterly disgraceful and we demand Justice for Mashood Shehzad. There are some questions too. But why didn’t neighbors or villagers opposed the police illegal act? The society must rise n unite against any unjust with anyone!

Deputy commissioner Islamabad Hamza Shafqat was our teacher. He is a good sole. But he can’t help out. Because he can’t challenge state behavior. It is not police rather state behavior that has traumatized the Pashtun family. Its high time that all factions of society come together against this inhumane behavior.

It’s the whole mindset we’re dealing with. Punishing an individual would be a mere reactive response. We need a thorough proactive mechanism to battle this abusive mindset. Read this if you still think that all the citizens of Pakistan are equal and there is no discrimination. By the way we are seeing this for years now and we have no doubt about the fact that this discrimination is going form the state policy to individuals.

Man is a rational animal who always loses his temper when he is called upon to act in accordance with the dictates of reason.

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