Real Story Behind Ali Salman Alvi Wife Murder

ali salman alvi wife scandal

Following thread is from social media and its one sided story and pknama doesn’t endorse or retifies it:

I am going to tell the tragic tale about my dear friend Sadaf Naqvi. How she was trapped into marriage by a thug , who killed her in the end. His name is Ali Salman Alvi, F Arif writes on twitter on his handle which goes by @sagiarif.

All the evidence are provided by her sister @SMahvish and thing that she told me . @SadafZnaqvi was a wonderful girl, bright, smart and ambitious. She was responsible towards the society, politically activated, aware and woke. She met @alisalmanalvi on twitter. Ali Salman was a journalist who saw a beautiful, responsible strong woman with a stable family background and decided to trap her for marriage. She wanted children, a house of her own and a stable life, which by the way was her birthright.

Despite her families resistance, @SadafZNaqvi married @alisalmanalvi. But she never knew this mistake would take her life. Ali Salman is a journalist, social media activist who is famous on twitter. Just after 7 months of marriage sadaf found out that @alisalmanalvi is blackmailing women for money using different twitter IDs. She found emails and receipts of money sent to ali salman . on confrontation salman apologized by saying it was an old chapter that he needed closure.

Considering it was just the beginning of her married life Sadaf choose to move forward. She never knew that @alisalmanalvi is a trained blackmailer, womanizer and criminal minded person who will not only take all her money but also kill her. A year into the marriage @SadafZNaqvi found out once again that @alisalmanalvi was dating a women in #Islamabad .
She confronted him again, warned him and told him politely to mend his ways.

But @alisalmanalvi is a sick #Mafia, who thrives on social media as champion feminist , but traps and blackmails women for money in actual. He operates 100s of account some of which sadaf found about. Following year sadaf becomes a mother of a beautiful girl. Now she assumes that her husband will change since he is a father. but soon after the delivery , She finds that @alisalmanalvi is flirting with his ex girlfriend.

When sadaf confronted him with evidence he made up a story that she needed consolation as she was alone . sadaf was a new mother, post operation she was bed ridden as she also went through a miscarriage and was on bed rest. couldn’t do much apart from just warning him. She didnt wanted her daughter to live without a father may be that was the reason she choose to stay back . but once again some months forward she catches @alisalmanalvi man doing live video chat with a woman. she goes furious and decides to leave him for good.

This time its dec 2019, when she discovers these chats. to these chats, @alisalmanalvi admits that he pleases women for pleasure. Same evening sadaf is beaten by @alisalmanalvi
brutally. For a couple of days she remains in a state of shock. She couldnt believe that this could happen to her. She goes silently. @alisalmanalvi acts as if he has done a mistake. Begs and begs and begs and brings her home . She decides to give it one last chance for her new born daughter, she didnt want her to have her first birthday without her daughter.

She was beaten one more time, from jan 2020 to june 2020, which was discovered later. on 20th june @SadafZNaqvi celebrated her daughters first birthday, on the morning of 29th june she is found dead at her home with brutal torture. During 3 years of marriage, Sadaf caught @alisalmanalvi blackmailing women for money, flirting and pleasing women for money. She was planning to move out soon after her daughters first birthday, but he didn’t gave her that chance.

It was after jan that she actually started talking to her family and showing evidence to her sister @SMahvish, who is now fighting for justice. It is important to serve justice to sadaf by defeating a blackmailing mafia like @alisalmanalvi , else he would be out on streets. Just by proving either his insanity or framing sadaf’s murder as suicide , hunting for women again. His family will hide his history and find someone again to be killed.



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