Ali Zaidi and Lifafa

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Federal minister for Maritime affairs Ali Zaidi from Karachi is once again in the news. Ali Zaidi and Lifafa scandal is raging high on social media. Ali Zaidi is not new to the controversies and he likes to be in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Ali Zaidi and Lifafa is a new comedy series out there. Ali Zaidi said in a program yesterday that he received the report in a envelope in 2017 which was left at his house by a motorcyclist and another comedian Aamir Liaquat says that the report was given to Ali Zaidi by the High Court. It seems that every member of the ruling party is rather working against his/her own government. Its a government of clowns.

We should appreciate PTI MNA’s and MPA’s for the entertainment they have provided to us during this pandemic lock down. They are rather doing this comedy service to Pakistan when there is little to rejoice and laugh about. Nothing is working right in the country and in these tough circumstances, these ministers and advisors are providing daily sitcoms through the talk shows where anchors of the same calibers are hosting.

Alas , losing half country and the whole nation still they are riding on old donkeys. For bright future you have to change your mind sets. Bad luck of our country agencies that except mafias trolls and touts they’ve not been found any honorable, trustworthy and dignified person for their illicit trolling. Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

JIT by Ali H Zaidi of PTI exposed that “Uzair Baloch was approached by PTI Karachi to be the Part of PTI”. If JIT is telling the truth, then Ali Zaidi should show courage to ask from MQM, Zulfiqar Mirza & PTI KHI & Sindh president about Uzair Baloch. He must also tell us the truth about nexus of PTI in this whole game and who is actually handling the threads of PTI and its handlers.

This idoitic minister is trying to claim that a unknown Lafafa he received from a unknown source is correct then question is much is about to source Ali zaidi is talking about which source? Is it not crime? Ali Zaidi says that Zulfikar Mirza is his hero and then in the same breath, he said that Mirza was behind gangsters in Karachi. It means there is no seceret is safe in state. Or does it just show the non seriousness of these clowns?

The people involved in thousands of incidents including the Baldia factory who were declared terrorists by Imran Khan himself are now part of Imran Khans cabinet But the current government does not shy away from making accusations without any evidence. What is happening in Pakistan? The lifafa used to have something else in it, the lifafa was famous for something else, now the JIT report has also started coming in the lifafa. This is Naya Pakistan for you.

Even after the JIT report of Baldia Town and Uzair Baloch who are fans of PPP and MQM, if 30 years are not ashamed to vote, note and support these terrorists. So can the virus itself rain stones on this nation. May Allah have mercy on us. Amen.

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