Earn Money Online in Pakistan Without Investment

earn money online in pakistan without investment

So can I earn money online in Pakistan without investment and without leaving my home? Is it possible at all to just watch ads online and earn dollars? How do people earn hundreds or thousands of dollars online every money in Pakistan and they seem to hardly do anything? That and many such questions are asked from me literally on daily basis from people of all walks of lives who want to do it as a side hustle or as a main income earner.

Swagbucks in Pakistan and many such other avenues are being discussed and explored. But its hard to get an honest advice as what exactly is involved and what is the genuine way to earn money online in Pakistan without investment. Yes that’s the key word. People don’t want to invest money or in other words don’t want to pay to start earning money. That makes sense otherwise it just sounds like a scam multi level pyramid scheme.

Having said that if you want to earn money from online ads or things like Google Adsense or Google Adwords then you have to create a website, pay for its hosting and domain, do some search engine optimization and then spend quality time there. It won’t happen overnight. It will require dedication, consistency, continuity and you would have to make sure that you show perseverance as it will take months or may be couple of years before you get noticed.

Earning money free at home in Pakistan is possible. But it doesn’t mean that you won’t have to do anything. By just watching ads won’t really make you any rupees. You first would have to search for your passion, then you need to convert that passion into website and then you should start monetizing it. For example, if you can write then start a blog and fill it with quality content. If you are a photographer, make a photo oriented website and if you can shoot, then make a vlog.

Remember that sky is the limit and if you keep doing that and keep improving then you will be successful. Again I need to emphasize this that it won’t happen overnight because genuine things take time and you must be prepared to spend quality time. You must ensure that you don’t do any half cooked and half hearted efforts as that will only disappoint and frustrate you. Also make sure that you understand that this virtual world is as hard as the physical world.

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