Ehsaas Program Registration Forms

ehsaas program

The online applications and registration forms are available for Ehsaas program, which were announced by the government.

Even many developed countries didn’t give any such relief to poor people during this global pandemic but PM Imran Khan following the model state of Medina announced package worth Rs. 144 billion for 12 million families getting Rs. 12000 per family. A great Vision of IK, but at least it’s our responsibility that first try to changes yourself. The state of Madinah that Khan spoke of Pakistan is rapidly moving in this direction Inshallah Khan will surely fulfill the promises made to his people.

Ehsaas emergency cash program is a great initiatve by the government of PTI worth 144 billion rupees through which government is going to provide financial assistance of Rs. 12000 to the tens of millions of families affected by Coronavirus pandemic in Pakistan. The Prime Minister COVID19 Fund web portal is a best step in right direction and the whole nation is behind it. Pakistan recruits a COVID-19 Tiger Force to monitor social distancing across country.

PM and his team in KP has successfully constructed first ever provincial Motorway for the people of Malakand Division. Travelling time to Swat, Dir, Chitral has reduced and this will boost Tourism in upcoming seasons, also creating new jobs for youth. PM and his team in KP took revolutionary step to operationalise Torkham border 24/7. This has boosted exports to Afghanistan, helping revive tribal economy, and also earning additional revenue for the Government. KP Economic Corridor is next.

This is a true depiction of Riyasat-e-Medina. No matter how long the struggle is , he is standing firmly to serve his nation , to lift his nation , to turn the attitude of world towards his nation. Encouraging entrepreneurship & empowering people to be able to earn on their own instead of making them dependent on anyone else. Earlier this year PM Khan distributed assets to the poor; something that well-to-do people mocked but meant the world to these people!

Dear Khan, the path is difficult, the destination is a little far, but you have to be steadfast. We are sure that success has been achieved. PM Khan’s vision protected the vulnerable people, laborers and daily wagers during COVID-19 Pandemic with the help of a transparent and historic Ehsaas Emergency Cash program. I appreciate the philanthropic role played by the Overseas Pakistani community in helping their brothers & sisters abroad during Covid19. There are many examples where the Pakistani community has been a source of inspiration, helping those around in need.

State of the Art Facility Consisted of 250 Beds has been constructed in record 40 days in Islamabad. It will ease the pressure from Capital hospitals. The initiative of setting up shelters homes by PM IK is one of the best initiative.Even many developed countries didn’t give any such relief to poor during this pandemic.Dear Khan, the path is difficult, the destination is a little far, but you have to be steadfast.

The way Imran Khan has handled Corona is exemplary. In the month in which Pakistan was supposed to see the peak of Corona, the number of cases is declining day by day because of Khan’s rights policies. Khan told that: “Once a Captain is always a Captain.” Being like Riyasat-e-Madina is a tough thing(for now). However, 1 man you all know has decided that you’re worth it & you’re as special as the people of Madina in fight against the cruel.

Other countries following the smart lockdown strategy, i wonder why our media & some smart ass journalists were mocking the idea,they will come up with a nasty explanation soon. IK has made it his mission for Naya Pakistan to rid corruption at the hands of status quo political dynasties, hold them accountable & provide justice to the nation while recouping stolen wealth for the exchequer. Insaf, Progress & Prosperity is the goal.

The first objective of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government is to alleviate the deprivations of its weaker sections and lift them out of poverty. When the leader is so moved by a man’s image while sleeping on streets that he speeds up work on his dream project Panahgah & launches shelter homes across major cities of Pakistan, you know the country is indeed towards its way of becoming a true Medina for sure.

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