School of Tomorrow Beaconhouse Conference

school of tomorrow beaconhouse

SOT events Beaconhouse online registration is open and you can stream it. School of Tomorrow Beaconhouse conference is one of its kind as its the first fully virtual education and learning conference in Pakistan. Happening from 10-12th July online, this SOT event is a great step. The registration is here.

The Beaconhouse curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the 21st century, of individual students as well as the needs of local and global communities. Beconhouse is one of the largest private education networks with over 315,000 students. The Beaconhouse School System has risen from its modest beginnings in 1975 as Les Anges Montessori Academy to become a major force in the education world in Pakistan. You can also catch the BEACONHOUSE School of Tomorrow virtual conference LIVE at 1pm TODAY. Theres a catchy message by DG WHO.

Over 60 global leaders participate in the Beaconhouse School of Tomorrow Conference. The conference title is ‘A World of Tommorow” Negotiationg a Better Future’. The world as we knew it in 2019 is a lost world. This 11th full edition of SOT Events aims to structure a response, based on historical contingencies, to the global pandemic. Beaconhouse has come up with great live session, click to watch live session.

The live session is going on where the panelist shafqat mehmood, kasim kasuri, Dr mishal khan and Baroness mobarik are discussing about Economics of lockdown. Beaconhouse hosts the first full-virtual school of tomorrow (SOT) meeting.The Beaconhouse School of Tomorrow Conference is attended by over 60 world leaders. #SOTFutureFest

On the 1st fully virtual School of Tomorrow Conference, renowned leaders from around the world are joining to speak about the range of topics which would enable shaping an uncertain future for both learners and societies worldwide. his is the fully virtual SOT conference more than 60 global leaders are participating in this conference. This SOT Conference is focusing on emerging issues within contemporary societies and how these may contribute to a better future for our children and their children.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organization is also going to deliver special message for the people of Pakistan and especially the students of beaconhouse. Mr Alex Kirby, Ms Anam Rathor is going to talk about environment, climate and pandemic. They are going to discuss that how can one have a better future. Here’s the live link of the conference.

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