A brief history of #HagiaSophia

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Here is a short, quick and brief history of #HagiaSophia:

Byzantine Emperor Constantius 2 nd First commisioned it’s construction in 360 AD. It was built with a wooden roof and soon was burned down in Riots. Byzantine Emperor Theodosius 2nd built a second version as a grand marble structure in 415 AD. It was razed to the ground for second time during Nika Revolt in 532 AD. Some fragments of it still remain today.

The main structure that still remains today was built in 537 AD by Emperor Justinian 1 st. He wanted to build the largest church of the time. It remained the largest church for almost 1000 years. t was fortified as mosque in 1453 when Ottoman Sultan Mehmed 2 nd conqured Istanbul. He kept the name #HagiaSophia but plastered the interior Mosaics. He added Islamic features such as Minarets and Mihrab.

n 1935, First President Mustafa Kemal ‘AtaTurk’ ordered the conversion of the #HagiaSophiaMosque into a Museum. He wanted to do that since 1923. There have been demands for converting #HagiaSophia into a Mosque to honor the legacy of Mehmed 2 nd and honor the Ottoman History. Erdogan said the Ottomans converted the building instead of razing it a fate which was suffered by many ottoman mosques which were taken from them.

What should sanghis and apologists should note here. The building was converted by the conquerors. It wasn’t razed to ground by jobless zombies, it was a mosque for 500 years before it was converted into museum by a Muslim man. It hasn’t been a church for almost 800 years. Christians were paid for the hagia sophia .it was a property deal than it was converted to mosque.

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