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Is easy cash job login Pakistan for real? Do people really make money out of it or is it just a scam? Lots and lots of people are looking towards online earning avenues without doing much and that’s why they look up to sites like easy cash job. It’s getting quite a traction as people want to register there after creating login and start doing some work if there is any work.

Clickworker in Pakistan is something which most people think its worth it. Some people do make money but then just by clicking on ad and looking at them the ad which have no relevance in Pakistan. What exactly does that achieve? I always wonder that looking or clicking on some ads which have relation to Pakistani market does seem silly and pointless. Especially when most of the clickers don’t even what’s their on the screen as they hardly understand English.

I have even seen ads in German or some European language which people just keep clicking like zombies. Sometimes they spend days and days and end up earning $50. When they calculate how much they have spent on electricity and Internet and how much time they have spent, they start wondering if its all worth it. At the end of day, if they would be doing something worthwhile with their time, it might earn them more money in a legitimate way.

Look I am not judging here any means to earn money online in Pakistan. It’s good thing and its also heartening to see people actually trying to work and do something. But having said, its very hard to see any sense into these things which promises to make you dollar filled overnight but then you end up doing zombie and vegetable like work. Yes, if you are doing some development, data entry, image processing, medical or legal transcription, or even word processing remotely, I would get it.

My suggestion to people is always to build up some skill which could enable you to work remotely like cloud engineering, or accounting, or programming and then start looking job anywhere. These days all the companies are global and its always good to get some international experience while remaining in Pakistan. Lots and lots of people are doing that and all you need is some perseverance and hard work.


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