Hagia Sofia and Pakistanis

hagia sofia and Pakistanis

The Council of State made its decision. Ayasofya (Hagia Sophia) mosque will be opened for worshipers and no longer will serve as a museum. Today is a historical day in Turkey and it seems in Pakistan too. Hafia Sofia and Pakistanis seem to be a very interesting combination at the moment.

There are contrary statements too. Some Christians are saying that, “You forcefully occupy a Church, turn it into a Mosque and then preach about mercy and justice. At the great Eastern Roman CHURCH of #HagiaSophia, built not by Turks but by the Byzantines. It is part of the Greek cultural heritage – forcibly converted to a mosque in 1453. Who gave Sultan Mehmet the right to “convert” the #HagiaSophia Cathedral into a Mosque in 1453?” While historically these statements are true, but then history tells us that every religion does that. Most of Spanish churches of today were the mosques of yester-years.

There are few Muslims who also oppose this step by Turkish president. They say that there are enough Mosques in the world. There is only one Hagia Sophia. Turkey’s decision to turn this unique place into a Mosque, is a loss to the collective cultural heritage of the world. Those who see this as a victory of Islam, have evidently, never understood Islam.  But one has to understand that in these circumstances this has its emotional connection.

It goes without saying that Erdogan has political motives behind this but he has gained a lot within Turkey and throughout Muslim world a lot through this step. He has overnight become probably the most popular and powerful leader in Islamic world, even eclipsing Saudi rulers. Also it was never a church for a long time but a museum. So its Mosque versus Museum and no one should have any qualms about it.

Hafia Sofia and Pakistanis combination is interesting in a sense that most Pakistanis don’t even know about its history, location and they don’t even know how it looks like and what’s its significance is. They are still living in fairy lands and trying to connect it to with some vague things. They themselves don’t understand why they are supporting it and what they would get out of it, and what that has to do with Pakistan.


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