How to Register in Ehsaas Program Online 2020 – Easy Steps

ehsaas program registration 2020 online

Following is step by step instructions as how to Register in Ehsaas Program Online 2020.

Step 1: From your mobile phone, send SMS on 8171 and follow the prompts and send your ID card number. This will tell you whether you are eligible for registration or not.

Step 2: If you own a small business, or have lost your job, or facing any financial hardship then go to your local district office, or local NADRA office, or reach out to NADRA mobile phone with your biodata and get help.

Make sure that your claim is genuine and you have all the supporting document. You must make sure that you also have a valid bank account number and you have your valid ID card number with you to fill the registration form.

There is also an ehsaas undergraduate scholarship phase 2 starting amidst this Coronavirus pandemic. The students can also check their eligibility and registration information through the NADRA web portal online and also by sending SMS to above number. Students must also make sure that they have all the required document plus they have applied by filling out the correct registration forms.

These are testing times and things are tough for almost everyone. Its also understandable that government hasn’t been doing what it should be but then Pakistan is a poor country with limited resources and there is so much it can do. Pakistanis are resilient people and they have seen worst. In these tough times yet again, we need to come together and must stay united as this time will pass too and we will come out of it

Its also very important that we take care of people around us and stick together. This Ehsaas program doesn’t put much into our pockets but something is better than nothing. That is why we also keep working hard and upskilling ourselves so that we explore other avenues to earn money and to keep supporting our families. We must stay alert to any opportunity and keep working hard and learning.

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