Ibrahim Maneka Corruption Stories

ibrahim maneka scandal

Imran Khan’s step son Ibrahim Maneka is washing his hands in goldwater as he is being showered contracts upon contracts. This newly minted contractors junior Maneka is one of the sons of Bushra Bibi from her ex husband Khawar Maneka. Ibrahim Maneka corruption stories are hot topic these days both in Lahore and Islamabad.

Ibrahim Maneka now become a business partner of two major contractors who are getting contracts both from federal government employees housing foundation and LDA. These contracts are in billions of rupees. Ahmad Noorani, the intrepid journalist has been breaking these stories on social media and also has disclosed that after these news he is getting life threats as Bushra a.k.a Pinki Pirni is not happy.

Ibrahim Maneka’s name is not new in controversial things. Few months back the Lahore High Court on issued notice to Ibrahim Maneka, son of Khawar Maneka and Bushra Bibi, to explain his position in the wake of allegations of kidnapping two brothers with assistance of police and demanding Rs15 million for damaging his precious car. Then there was other case was a motorcycle rider was threatened.

It is government of cronies, by cronies and for cronies. When everyone is making money then what is wrong if sons of PM’s wife also make a few hundred millions. From Zulfi Bokhari to Aneel Mussarrat, and from Jehangir Tareen to Asad Qaiser; they all are looting the country with both hands as there will be no tomorrow and no fear of accountability. Just look at following achievements of this corrupt government of PTI.

عمران نیازی
▪gdpگروتھ منفی
▪دنیا میں سب سے زیادہ مہنگائی
▪300ارب دوستوں کو معافی
▪ٹیکس آمدنی منفی
▪40%اضافی قرضہ
▪GDP 15 فیصد کم
▪آدھابجٹ ادھار سے
▪چینی120ارب چوری
▪پیٹرول300ارب کرپشن
▪ہاٹ منی700ارب کرپش
▪BRT کرپشن 120 ارب
▪صنعت منفی 8%

From Jinns in the prime minister house to the black lentil, and from contracts to the chain of intra and inter marriages, this whole mumbo jumbo is so confusing and frustrating for the masses, who never voted this government and don’t know when they would get rid of this lot.

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