PUBG Unban in Pakistan

pubg unban pakistan

The boys have their official world league matches today. Youth all over Pakistan, including the PTI youth are requesting their governemnt to kindly take notice & let them play and allow them to represent Pakistan. PUBG Unban in Pakistan demand is gaining momentum as esport is so popular.

Gameloop pubg and pubg redeem code are also banned. Season 13 pubg in Pakistan contest now doomed as no link is working and the speed through VPN is also dismal and its pointless to play through that. One wonders why it has been done at the last minute. If the ban continues then sponsors wouldnt be coming to Pakistan and Pakistan will be blacklisted in esports. Its not fair with the Pakistani youth. esports is now a billion dollar industry. Save Pakistan esports and unban pubg.

Yes, its also right that people are wasting their money and especially the boys and girls of colleges and universities are wasting away so much money. For example, A 17 year old boy spent Rs 16 lakh Of father’s ooney On PUBG. Modern era is of E-Sports and not of sports(such as ludo carrom gulli danda,etc).You don’t have any clear reason why you banned pubg in Pakistan.

We are gamers since childhood, we don’t watch other stuff, nor create any violence in real life. As a professional gamers, we want to represent our country and want to make our careers in gaming. As this is also a sport, and you are also an sportsperson. Whenever you’ve needed/asked youth has always stood by you. This time we need your support. Otherwise we might rethink before voting in next elections.

Do you understand how youth can earning and make career in eSposrts? There are so many people especially youngsters waiting dor your opinion. Because of the ban our e_sports team #teamFS will not be able to play u should lift the ban from the game .. Otherwise we have to see another demise because of u guys who don’t understand the technology. This is not a fair game here, and not good for the youth of Pakistan.

Save Pakistan E Sports , Unban PUBG a Team which has spent 2 years practicing in PUBG to represent Pakistan on Global level Can’t Play because PUBG is banned in Pakistan. Also after unbanning accountability should be done who is behind this.

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